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Update: Thesis submission deadline for Jan 2019 cohort

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Update: Thesis submission deadline for Jan 2019 cohort
by Dr. M Afrifah - Friday, 31 January 2020, 7:03 AM

Dear Student (January 2019 cohort and deferred),​

The Office of Student​ Research would like to​ inform you that​ we will now allow you to submit your thesis up until Saturday 1st February 2020 without late submission penalties.


 Any submissions made after 1st February 2020 (irrespective of the reason for the delay) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and the student will have to defer their submission to  the month of May 2020.

 This hard deadline also applies to turnitin submissions for thesis. This means that the turnitin system will also be open up until 1st February 2020. After this date the system will not allow you to do any more submissions and we will not reopen the system to any student for any more uploads to be made. You are advised that any turnitin uploads should be made BEFORE this date so any errors can be worked on and resubmitted.​

 Please be reminded that the thesis file you upload into turnitin and your hard copy submission that you bring to our office should be an exact match. Any differences seen between the two can cause you to lose up to 20% of your marks or even to fail the module.

 *Also please be aware that although we have given you this provision, submitting your work after 18th January 2020 puts your work at risk of not being assessed in time by markers. By delaying your submission time you are also decreasing the amount of time that markers have been allocated​ to assess your work.


New Coventry University/GTUC rules indicate that any student that does not have all 2 sets of marks ready for thesis​ (1 mark from your supervisor and 1 mark from an external marker) will not be considered at the exams board. This means that for instance if the 1st marker for your thesis presents us with your score, but the 2nd marker could not, then your marks are considered incomplete and​your results for thesis will not go to Coventry and you will have to defer submission to a later date. This will cause​your graduation to​ ​ be delayed.​

For this reason, we still advise that you adhere to the January 18th deadline to avoid any issues with marking. However if you still​ do decide to submit later, please be aware of the possible risks which will be YOUR responsibility.


For those students who applied for deferral to May 2020, your application will still be processed and notification sent in due course. For those who applied for extension, this provision covers your application so you need not do anything else.